The Lemming Quadrille ©

Saturday Reprise Averyell A. Kessler My mother was astounded when I announced I wanted saddle shoes. “They’re for children,” she said.  “You’ve outgrown them.” “Not now,” I answered. “Everybody has them.” “Everybody?” she asked. “Almost everybody,” I continued. “It’s a thing.” “Oh yes,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I know about things.” I was inContinue reading “The Lemming Quadrille ©”

Summertime Smiles©

Averyell A. Kessler I am only child, so my mother had one shot at raising a “normal” child. I’m not exactly sure what normal meant in those days; maybe well-adjusted, eager to learn, mannerly, and in possession of minimum social skills. Maybe something else, but Belhaven folks smiled at polite children and shooed neighborhood troublemakersContinue reading “Summertime Smiles©”